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Friday, January 14, 2005

Lahinch Caddy Strike of the late 1960's

Reported in the Sunday newspaper last week was the tale of the caddies at Lahinch who threatened to go on strike in support of a claim for higher wages.

The furore was caused by the caddymaster who, before the golf season began, called a meeting of the caddies and told them that he did not want to see a hole-in-one for the entire summer. This provoked the dispute.

Anyone who has played Lahinch will remember the hole known as "the Dell". It was the 6th hole until 2003 and is now the fifth. The tee-shot is completely blind, played with a short-iron over a high dune that encircles the green.

The source of the caddymaster's frustration was that there were several holes-in-one at the Dell every week by visting American golfers. Delighted with their success the lucky golfer would richly reward the caddy with an additional tip. Mischief was afoot however, as the caddies had a scout who would wait by the green and if a ball landed close to the hole would immediately scuttle and place the ball in the hole, before running for the cover of the dunes!

And so the caddymaster's threat meant a loss of income for the inventive caddies and the strike threat resulted in an agreement to up their wages!

Saturday, December 06, 2003

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